V32 triangular crown


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Foto Vision dangling (crown) exhibition systems provide a great opportunity for your company to stand out at exhibitions, with a spectacular, striking, exciting crown with the company logo, which visitors can see from afar. Their special shape and printing on high-quality textile allows them to attract the attention of customers / prospective customers. These products are the perfect solution for small-scale events as well as large-scale exhibitions.

Key features: quick and easy assembly / disassembly thanks to the aluminum frame, collapsible and easy construction, and the ability to replace many different prints with the same frame. The material is polyester fabric, on which the graphics you envision will be placed. Multiple washes and ironing do not change color saturation or fabric quality.

The aluminum wires are marked with numbers so that the crown can be assembled easily and quickly. The whole system does not require any tools to fit the parts together. We add a small, aesthetic carrying case to the entire display system.

All of these features create the perfect product to create your own booth for any event.


width: 300 cm

height: 100 cm

depth: 300 cm

Raw materials: