R01 roll-up

Gyors összeállítás Könnyű súly Szerelés nélkül összeállítható Kiterjesztett garancia

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Fotovision roll-up products represent premium quality.
Its main advantage is the construction made of solid and light alloy, which has ideal mechanical properties that allow it to be set up and assembled quickly. This premium quality is very impressive and eye-catching. Its wide base guarantees stability for the entire system, to which we add an elegant and light bag, making transport convenient and easy. Roll-up is an indispensable tool in various marketing activities where the direct connection enhances the visual appearance.

It can be used for a wide variety of appearances, including exhibitions, promotions, exhibitions and trainings. It is a popular marketing product due to its light structure.

Available sizes: 

width: 85/100/120/150 cm

height: 200 cm

Raw materials:


roll-up film