A02 inflatable tent

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Inflatable tent is one of the most interesting systems in our product range. Thanks to its design, it allows a wide range of applications, both indoors and outdoors. This type of system is often used at fairs, concerts, festivals, sporting events, family picnics and as an exhibition system.

Waterproof polyester fabric with your own logo, which you can choose to suit your own needs. Another advantage is the ability to print without buying a new system.

Its rarity is due to the fact that it constantly maintains pressure without additional devices, such as an air compressor, so it does not require electricity.

The valves for inflating the tent should be placed in the lower part of the product, which is extremely easy to set up.

The price includes the delivery fee, the graphics fee, the price of 4 water-filled weights, the price of a 4-sided wall and the individual printing of all printable items.

It is not obligatory to request the 4 side walls, if this is indicated by the customer when ordering, then in case of leaving 1-2-3-4 side walls, we will deduct the price of the side wall pressure from the original price.

The product does not include the fee for the manual or electric pump, this must be ordered separately!

Available sizes:

3×3 m

Width: 300 cm

Depth: 300 cm

4×4 m

Width: 400 cm

Depth: 400 cm

5×5 m

Width: 500 cm

Depth: 500 cm

Raw materials: